Rocky Mountain High Brands Will Launch Geofencing GPS Software in February as a Revolutionary Approach to Product Marketing

DALLAS, Jan. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (OTCQB:RMHB), a fully reporting consumer goods company specializing in hemp-infused food and beverage products and a naturally high alkaline water announced today a February launch of its powerful GPS based geofencing software advertising system in the Los Angeles market.

GEOFENCING 101: A 2017 Approach to Marketing

Geofencing is the practice of using global positioning (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define a geographic boundary. Then once this “virtual barrier” is established, the administrator can set up triggers that send a text message, email alert, or coupon alert when a mobile device enters the specified area. Consumers can receive banner ads on their mobile devices.  When consumers click on the banner ads, they will be taken to a custom landing page for the advertiser with specific call to action buttons in the banner ad.

RMHB’s geofencing software package has been developed by the Beasley Broadcast Group’s (NASDAQ:BBGI) Digital Marketing Solutions division. The software package has been designed to interface with mobile devices when a consumer is within proximity of a Rocky Mountain High retailer. The geofencing software will offer coupons and special offers to consumers for Rocky Mountain High brand products encouraging them to visit the local retailer, along with a map and directions to the nearest retailer carrying the product.

Today, 68% of U.S. adults have a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011, and tablet computer ownership has edged up to 45% among adults. According to a newly released survey data from the Pew Research Center, smartphone ownership is nearing the saturation point.  86% of those ages 18-29 have a smartphone, 83% of those ages 30-49 and 87% of those living in households earning $75,000 and up annually.

Jerry Grisaffi, founder of Rocky Mountain High Brands, said, “We will launch Beasley’s Los Angeles geofencing software in February and plan to expand it to the Dallas/Fort Worth and New York/New Jersey regions a few weeks later. We presented this concept to several retail chain partners and received feedback that a geofencing marketing tool is a groundbreaking new advertising concept. One of our retail chain partners agreed to quadruple the size of their Rocky Mountain High retail test program and another large retail client is considering stocking our product in all of their Southern California locations. The high-level interest of large convenience chain retailers is motivating us to move this advertising program at a faster pace than we originally planned. We believe geofencing smartphones is a game changing marketing tool that will firmly place Rocky Mountain High brands ahead of our competition and result in explosive increases in market share for the Company.”

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ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH BRANDS, INC., is a consumer goods company specializing in hemp-infused food and beverage products. The Company currently markets a lineup of four naturally flavored hemp-infused beverages (Citrus Energy, Black Tea, Mango Energy and Lemonade) and a low-calorie Coconut Lime Energy drink. Rocky Mountain High Brands also offers hemp-infused 2oz. Mango Energy Shots and Mixed Berry Energy Shots. The Company recently launched a naturally high alkaline spring water, Eagle Spirit Spring Water.

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