Welcome to the RockyMountainHighBrands.com investor resources page!

This page will function as a hub for access to various investor resources, as well as a curated selection of third-party articles, blog posts, and websites that will help demonstrate why our natural, hemp-infused products are positioned well for growth. By providing a healthful, functional alternative to the big market energy drink brands, our expectation is to capture market share, while offering our customers a truly superior product.

We will expand and update these resources regularly to ensure that you always have access to the most current and relevant information, so please check back frequently.


If you’re an existing shareholder, you’re likely already accessing investor resources on our OTC markets page, Investor’s Hangout forum, Investor’s Hub forum, and via social media to stay informed about the performance and progress of the company, and to engage with other stakeholders, but you certainly can’t have too much information when it comes to investing your hard earned money! We know that there are varying perspectives in the marketplace, and we welcome healthy debate. Every publicly traded company has its supporters and detractors, and we’re, of course, no different. You’ll likely find a broad spectrum of positive and not-so-positive opinions about our company and products. We will do our part to participate in the debate, sort out the fabricated attacks from the legitimate concerns, and positively influence public opinion with honest and accurate feedback. We want to earn your trust so that you can earn dividends with our stock!


If you’re trying to determine whether investing in RMHB stock is right for you, do your due diligence, but be sure to include the resources on this page, and throughout this site, in your research. We want our investors to be well-informed, and to prosper alongside us!

As of August 22nd, 2016, Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc., publicly traded on the OTC Markets exchange, became a fully reporting company with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). By upgrading from the OTC Pink marketplace to the OTC QB marketplace, we aim to give our shareholders complete transparency, increased confidence, and access to better resources to stay connected and informed.

The OTC QB market is for early-stage and developing U.S. and international companies. To be eligible, we must be an SEC Reporting Company current in its reporting obligations, and we are required to undergo an annual verification and management certification process. We also are required to meet $0.01 bid test and cannot be in bankruptcy.