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Michael Welch: CBD Used to Reduce Epileptic Seizures and Improve Human and Animal Health

By August 12, 2018Blog Posts

The compound found in marijuana that has incredible health benefits without the high is showing up more and more in various products. It’s called CBD (cannabidiol), and it’s finally receiving more recognition for what it has to offer. It can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle via several mediums, can improve one’s physical health, and can even do wonders for a person’s mental well-being. CEO of Rocky Mountain High Brands Michael Welch explained how, recently on FOX News Radio.

“CBD is actually used to treat epileptic seizures, and there are drugs that have been approved by the FDA for the first time, based on the CBD compound,” Welch says. “There are actually 2 drugs that were approved from a company called GW Pharmaceuticals. One of them is a THC-based drug, and the other drug is a CBD-based drug. So, they’re two versions of the same drug. I guess, depending on what a physician would order for a patient.”

State and Federal laws on CBD differ, and that’s part of the confusion that companies like Rocky Mountain High Brands are dealing with. At the federal level, industrial hemp was legalized under the Farm Bill of 2014, but each state has different laws, some not recognizing industrial hemp as a legal compound that can be sold in that state. Most states do, but there are some still very conservative in their views, as they continue to lump the compound together with marijuana and THC.

The truth is, CBD has a calming effect–not the effect of causing a high. That’s a very important distinction.

“CBD has the benefits of pain relief, stress relief, anxiety relief. It reduces inflammation; it can reduce blood sugar levels, suppress muscle spasms, actually promotes bone growth, so it has several different health benefits, but it does that without creating a high.”

CBD is also used for animals, a market that is exploding just as the human market is exploding. Welch has plans for his company to expand into the animal market, once they’ve fully entered the CBD-infused beverage market.

Listen to the full interview here: