Rocky Mountain High Brands Introduces Its New Line of CBD-Infused Products

DALLAS, February 12, 2018, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: RMHB), a fully reporting consumer goods company specializing in brand development of healthy, hemp-infused food and beverage products and a naturally high-alkaline spring water, announced today that its new, cutting-edge hemp-derived CBD-infused product line, HEMPd, led by its flagship CBD-infused waters, will launch in March 2018.

HEMPd, a diverse hemp-based health and wellness line, is unique in its space and will have a competitive advantage in the market. What differentiates HEMPd is that it:
• Is formulated from Full Plant CBD,
• Contains a non-detectable level of 0.00% THC (the compound that creates a “high”), and
• Is derived from organically grown Colorado hemp.

Because of HEMPd’s use of Full Plant CBD, without THC, each HEMPd product will have all the health benefits that the hemp plant typically has to offer.

Most other companies in the CBD market provide products containing:
• CBD extracts with trace amounts of THC, or
• CBD isolates, which provide only the benefits of the CBD compound, but do not provide all the aggregated benefits typically present in the hemp plant.


The HEMPd launch will include:
• CBD-Infused Waters
• E-Juice Cartridges
• Liquid E-Juices
• Tinctures
• Water Soluble Drops
• Gummies
• Capsules
• Salve
• Serenity Lotion




John Blackington, Rocky Mountain High Brands’ Chief Commercialization Officer stated, “This initial line of products will give our customers an unusually wide variety of flavorful hemp extract/CBD delivery options. HEMPd will be sold predominantly online through our soon-to-be released HEMPd website and through other major distribution channels, such as Amazon. Our primary focus will be on selling directly to consumers, which will give more efficient delivery options, higher margins, and allows marketing HEMPd to the entire U.S. We also plan to launch HEMPd CBD-infused waters at targeted retailers in Southern California in the April/May time frame, followed by other retailers in the summer.”

Blackington continued, “HEMPd was designed by a team of experts from the hemp industry. The HEMPd website is being created by leading web designers, marketing specialists, and internet commercialization experts. We will be cutting edge, both in terms of the products we are selling, as well as how we offer the products to consumers.”

Michael Welch, Rocky Mountain High Brands’ Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The HEMPd brand strategy and plan has been in development for several months, and we are excited to introduce it to the market. This initiative dramatically expands our presence in the hemp category by entering the rapidly growing hemp extract/CBD (cannabidiol) segment. The hemp category is projected to grow from $1 billion to $1.8 billion in size in the next three years*. The broad HEMPd product line will position the Company as a leader in this explosive growth category and provide significant health and wellness benefits to our consumers.”

Welch concluded, “Our mission is simple – build on our heritage and expertise in hemp, and share the message of the power of hemp with the world.”

Prior to embarking on the cannabidiol product line journey, the Company engaged the services of attorney Jonathan Miller of the law firm Frost Brown Todd to prepare an opinion letter for Rocky Mountain High Brand’s Board of Directors on the legality of entering into the hemp-derived CBD business. Mr. Miller is recognized as one of the country’s leading experts on the emerging hemp laws, and as General Counsel for the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, he leads the national effort to advocate for the full legalization of industrial hemp.

According to Mr. Miller, “The Company’s CBD (cannabidiol) products are derived from industrial hemp, not marijuana. There is a clear scientific distinction between the two plants: The Company’s products contain a non-detectable level of 0.00% tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC” – the psychoactive compound found in marijuana) versus the legal limit of less than 0.3% THC. (Most marijuana contains over 10% THC). There is also a clear legal distinction between the two plants. While marijuana is illegal under U.S. federal law, the industrial hemp used in our products is fully legal at the federal level. That’s because it is grown under a duly-licensed state agricultural pilot program conducted by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, as authorized by the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill. The Farm Bill explicitly exempts hemp from the definition of “marijuana” and explicitly exempts hemp from the purview and regulation of the Controlled Substances Act. Furthermore, the 2016 Omnibus Appropriations Act specifically instructs federal agencies not to interfere with the transport or sale of pilot program hemp products such as the ones sold by the Company.”

HEMPd will be sold through Rocky Mountain Hemp Company, a new Colorado-based subsidiary of Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc.

*According to Hemp Business Journal.

About Rocky Mountain High Brands:
ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH BRANDS, INC., (RMHB) is a publicly-traded brand management company. RMHB specializes in developing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing high-quality, health conscious, hemp-infused products that span various “good for you” categories. The Company currently markets a lineup of four naturally flavored hemp-infused functional beverages (Citrus Energy, Black Tea, Mango Energy and Lemonade) and a low-calorie Coconut Lime Energy drink. In addition, the Company offers hemp-infused 2oz. Mango Energy Shots and Mixed Berry Energy Shots. RMHB also bottles and distributes a naturally high alkaline spring water under the name Eagle Spirit Spring Water. In 2018, the Company is expanding its product line to include CBD-infused waters and functional beverages, hemp and CBD-infused foods, a skin care line and nutraceuticals both containing CBD. The Company plans to expand its CBD offerings as new products are developed.

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